Testimonials from some of our valued customers:

“The purchase and use of the Single ForesTrac Tractor Studded American Chains has made my John Deere 5400 MFWD an all season, go anywhere machine. The traction, safety and stability on snowy and icy conditions (hills especially) are unsurpassed... and in Northern Minnesota the winters seem to last forever. I would heartily recommend the ForesTrac Tractor Studded American Chains "one of the best purchases I have made for my machine."
says Mike from Barnum, MN


“I installed your chains on my chore tractor, and they work good all winter, to get me thru the mud and snow. They do a much better job than regular tire chains.”
says Charles from Camden Point, MO about our ForesTrac Studded Tractor Chains


“Great chains! I have a 1968 Ford 3400 which was bought new by B&O Railroad and used to plow snow off the rail yard in Cumberland Maryland until 1990. I am the second owner after the railroad sold it at auction. We live at the base of the Blue Ridge in Harpers Ferry and I knew the tractor which came with ladder chains, would have a hard time pushing snow up hill especially on ice. I remembered watching log skidders with studded diamond chains pulling a full skid of logs up ice packed logging roads as a kid. I did a little research on the internet, found your chains to be a good price and made in the USA. They shipped local freight, which with your drum style packaging was easy roll off of the back of the tractor trailer into my pick-up bed. They were easy to install, with a ratchet strap and a pair of channel lock pliers, instructions were clear and easy to understand.”
says Noah from Harpers Ferry, WV


“We are extremely pleased with our single forestrac studded tractor chains. We use them in some pretty extreme conditions. Our snowmobile club is responsible for grooming over 57 mikes of snowmobile and atv trails in our county. We needed a more aggressive chain to put on the front of our 135hp 4x4 tractor to help get us through the swamps and up hills while pulling a 22' drag. The chains we were using in conjunction with the metal half tracks just didn't have enough bite in the ice and snow. We put these in one tractor and had awesome results.....we didn't get stuck. The other tractor did so we will be purchasing a set for that machine as well.”
says Nick from Wausau, WI


“The Forestrac studded tractor chains give you great traction and you don't have to worry about sliding sideways with them.”
says Jim from South Royalton, VT about our ForesTrac Studded Tractor


“I was extremely satisfied with the Super Stud chains we purchased from you. We put a set on the front axle of 2, Volvo L-90 wheel loaders. Because of extreme snow conditions, we spent 6 weeks pushing snow through ditches, away from township roads and they worked great! We had tried a common chain available from a tire supplier and were very disappointed. Under load on the front axle, we would break them several times a day, and they didn't give us the traction we needed. Your Super Stud chains were amazing! When people saw them, they thought I was crazy, until they saw them work! Thank you for a great product.”
says Jerald from Hurdsfield, ND


“I am very satisfied with the quality of the chains I purchased. Your pricing was more than competitive and they have yet to stretch. The deal clincher for me was the fact they were AMERICAN MADE!
Don't think you could do better than that!”
says Gerald from Damascus, PA about our Bear Paw Tight Ring


“Well I have told everyone that I've spoke to who were looking for tire chains about your website I was very happy to have found it after searching many others not only did you have the cheapest for what I needed I was truly impressed with your service and promptness and just recently I passed your name along again were still using the chains and I would definitely buy from you again in the future keep up the good work thanks again.”
says Pete from East Greenbush, NY


“The chains are very good no sign of wear in over year's use.”
says Melvin from Atkins, ME about our Single Net Chains


“I am very happy with my chains. They were shipped quickly and free. They fit well, ride smooth and are wearing well on my rocky ground. I will defiantly buy here again when the front pair fall off. Thank you for a great and reasonably priced product.”
says Terry from Lewis, NY


“I have been very satisfied with the tire chains. I use them on my Massey Ferguson Tractor in the winter time for additional traction when I work in my woodlot harvesting firewood. They are very easy to put on and take off and I have had no problems since I bought them.”
says Dana from Belgrade, ME


“I purchased a set of forestrac chains for my tractor hoping I could get more use out of it during the winter than previous years. Normally the tractor was no good in the snow due to the R4 industrial tread tires, I was limited to staying on the driveway plowing snow. I wanted to do some logging in the winter so I decided to spent the money on a good set of chains. I was not sure if clearance was an issue but I called the customer support and they were great at telling me how to measure for them. I was able to go in a foot of snow with icy crust on top in two wheel drive with more traction than in the summer on bare ground. I absolutely loved these chains and tell everyone I know to buy them. Installation was easy, the hardest part was getting them tight. Once you installed them the first time it was a breeze. Another great benefit was when I sold the tractor I was able to sell the chains separately for $150 less than I paid for them. These chains are worth every penny.”
says John from Benton, ME


“We loved your chains.”
says Terry from Long Island, KS about our Super Stud Chains


“I am very happy with your service and your product. I will deal with your company again. Thank you very much!”
says Brian from Cadyville, NY


“I have been very satisfied with the chains I purchased, delivery was quick, price was reasonable and I will be buying another set for my machine in the near future.”
says John from Olmstedville, NY


“My husband and I were both very satisfied with the purchase of chains from Tire Chains Required for his John Deere skidder. Tire Chains Required had the lowest price of anywhere we looked and the shipping was very reasonable and quick. The quality of the chains was actually better than we expected. We would definitely purchase from Tire Chains Required again and recommend them to anyone.”
says Randy and Janet from Sandyville, WV about our Bear Paw Standard Ring Tire Chains


“Being in the timber harvesting business for 16 years now I have learned to appreciate quality vs cost. With American chains I have found good quality and low cost compared to other competitors. The tight rings are my crews favorites! Thanks for the great service!”
says Warren from Williamsport, PA


“Shopping on your website was easy and the size I needed was easy to find. The tire chains we ordered for our work tractor were delivered quickly and in a rugged container. Thank you for the great service.”
says Jeff from Colchester, VT


“We had purchased a set of tire chains prior to the set in December 2011. Our satisfaction with the previous set is why we came back to order another set from Tire Chains Required. The sales staff and delivery was excellent. The previous set is still being used along with the new set purchased in December 2011. I would definitely order again from Tire Chains Required if the need arises.”
says Bob from Wilton, ME


“The chains are very well built and wear exelent in all enviroments! The extra U luggs between the rings make all differance in the world in added stability on sidehill and icey conditions!”
says Anna about our Combo Chain